Is it worth keeping track of your pain?

Over the years I have done everything in my power to forget my pain.  So why would I want a planner, with cute planner stickers to remind me of what I suffer with on a daily basis? After all,  the more I see in writing, or on an adorable sticker, the more it will remind me of what I suffer with, right?

I have used a planner for just about all aspects of my life.  I use one to keep track of my daily “to dos”.  I use another for my blog post.  I use another for my recovery from surgery ie exercise and eating right,  And my last planner is to keep track of my daily pain and blood sugar levels.

You are probably asking yourself why would I use all these planners and how do I keep track of everything. Believe it or not, I’m more organized now with four planners than I have ever been.  There are ways that I use my planner to keep track of my pain levels and blood sugar that make me want to do. There are numerous amounts of shops on Etsy that make these cute stickers that make me want to keep track of things.

There is one shop in particular that I have recently found that make the most adorable and functional stickers for the spoonies out there.  The shop’s name is LoveOfFilo and can be found here. This shop has a cute way of reminding you to take your meds.  A great way to keep track of your pain with a cute “Ouch” sticker, And this charming “hashtag” full of sayings to mark all over your planner on bad days. Who wouldn’t want to shop here to get these stickers to add to your planner?  Also, LoveOfFilo is offering a discount if you shop there.  The discount code is PAINLOVEHOPE for 25% off $15.00.  What a great reason to order these stickers.

I am planning on using the Ouch stickers to keep track of my pain level.  Especially being only 5 weeks out from surgery, I need to be able to tell my doctor where I am with my pain.  I don’t want to get into his office and he ask me how I have been, I can show him what my pain level has been over the last 5 weeks.

I love going over my planner at bed time and checking off all the things I have accomplished today.  One of my important goals is to remember to take my meds every day, morning and night  With this sticker, I can check off both morning pills and evening pills.  Even though I also have afternoon pills, I can mentally note that with this sticker.

I use my planner in an hourly format sometimes and the “take meds” sticker works perfectly in my planner for that. I can put the sticker right on the exact time that I need to remember to take the meds. It is a great way to be sure of important things that must be done. So whether you are just starting out with planning and using stickers, or been at it awhile like I have been, you need to check out LoveOfFilo!

Why not use an electronic planner/calendar?  I have been asked that before.  I have tried to use an electronic planner and just couldn’t do it.  Something about writing things down, make it more important in my brain.  Also, you can’t decorate and make your electronic planner cute and adorable with stickers.  You can’t walk into Micheal’s craft store and not see planner items now. Planners are all over the internet.  For example, there is Erin Condren planner are all over Facebook. Speaking of which, if you are in the market to order a planner, you can get $10.00 off with using my referral code found here.  It’s always worth a look.

Therefore, using paper planners has always been a passion of mine since I could remember.  Using that brand new planner was a thrill for me in middle school and high school.  Making the fist mark in it was not only thrilling but agonizing, what if I made a mistake in it.  By the end of the school year, scribbling out whatever was wrong and not worrying about it. Now I keep track of my pain levels and not my homework. I would much rather keep track of homework over what I am dealing with but it’s important to know how many days I was an 8 over how many days I was a 2.

Whether or not you want to keep track of your health, you should think about keeping track of it in a planner.  Either a hardcopy or electronic, choose to help your health by remembering things you need to tell your doctor. I choose to do the hardcopy so that I can make mine as cute as possible with stickers. Isn’t it all about cuteness anyways?





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