What quote inspires you?


There are a few quotes out there that have always been part of my motivation.  I recently saw this quote and knew that I needed to added it to my list.  It reads:

Life is tough, but darling, so are you.

Isn’t that true? Life is tough but its all how we can be tougher and handle situations better. This bit of inspiration helps me know that I can get through just about anything.

What about you?  What quote moves you to get out of bed in the morning or handle tough things in life?  Leave me a comment below as to what your favorite quote is.

Another favorite quote of mine is:

Yes, hello, I’d like a refund on my body.  Its kind of defective and really expensive.

Another one that is pretty fitting. I can go on and on but these are my three favorite ones. I would love to hear from you,  so leave me a comment on your favorite.







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