What gets me out of bed on bad days?

Isn’t that a tough question on days that pain has a grip on you and won’t let go?  Many a day, I can’t get out of bed.  Many a day, I so want to get out of bed but no matter how hard my mind screams “do it’ my body yells back “maybe tomorrow”.  It is so frustrating and depressing to have this inner battle with your self and lose no matter what.

Doctors, therapist (physical and mental), family members, and anyone that voices an opinion in your life will tell you that getting out of bed will help the depression, will help the pain, and will make you feel better all around. I’m sure all you want to do is scream “live one day, just one day in my body”. I do.  I have. I’m stubborn though and  that’s what has gotten me this far, I believe.  But still, on those days that I need a little extra push…….

But first, I need to tell you that I am human.  I am not perfect or have that magic pill that I can take and all the pain goes away.  Unfortunately, many a time I have to give in, letting pain win and I never step foot out of my room, let alone my bed.   But over the years, I have realized that its ok to say no.  Its ok to give into the pain and spend a day or two in bed.  I have found that one or two days isn’t bad but after that, I fall into depression and never leave my bed.  We will get more into depression later. So back to the question….what gets me out of bed on bad days?

One major reason to for me to get out of bed is my children. My children are 13 and 9. the 13 year old is M (initial only to protect the innocent)  a girl who is high functioning autistic.  E is the 9 year old and a boy.  E has learned how to take care of mommy on those bad day and had to grow up much faster than any child should.  There are many a night when my husband is at work (I’ll explain that later) and E is standing over the stove cooking dinner because mommy’s back is in so much pain that she can’t stand.  Not only is he taking care of me but he’s trying to help M deal with the change in the schedule.  Anyone that knows anything about autistic children knows that any change, big or small, can throw a the child into a tailspin that is hard to stop. But E can really help her.  Its amazing to see.  Now that I have gotten off topic…. But children 10 years of age or 40 years of age can be a great and powerful reason to get out of bed.  And that is an amazing feeling not letting your kids down because you didn’t give into pain. Pat yourself on the back when you do get out of bed, for what ever reason.

What else besides family, kids, and spouses that can be a motivation to say no to pain?  I have found over the years that it needs to be something that can truly move me enough to want to fight.  For example, when I worked for a local mortgage company, I found that not only was I screaming NO when getting out of bed, I was kicking and scream like a 3 year old.  Making money for someone else or for a business is ok if you like that, but nothing beats making money for that one special person, me, myself, and I.  I know, you are yelling at me that not everyone can own their own business or even what to go down that road.  So if this doesn’t apply to you, go ahead and skip to the next paragraph.  But if you have considered it, then read on. I have been extremely lucking to take something that became my passion and was able to make money from it.  I now take old, beaten up, and forgotten furniture and bring it back to life by fixing it and painting it with chalk paint.  I absolutely love doing this.  And when there is an exciting piece sitting in my basement I can hear it calling me to come and paint it, fix it, and give it a new home.  This is exciting to me and it will definitely be a reason for me to get out of bed. This is something that I can use when I have that internal conversation with myself about getting out of bed. I’m sure you have had this conversation before.  If not, here is how it can go:

Lisa: Good morning! What a beautiful day!

Body: Yeah, whatever!

Lisa: Oh I see, its going to be one of those days.

Body: I don’t want to talk. I hurt to much.

Lisa: I understand but can we fight together today and put one foot at a time on the floor? I have that beautiful old dresser calling to me.

Body: I don’t want to.  It hurts just thinking about it.

Lisa: I really understand it but if we take it slow, we can do it together.  And if it gets to be to much, we can rest.

Body: Fine.  We will try it but I cant promise anything.

Lisa: I understand.  Remember we are in this together.

And that’s how many a mornings start for me. Honestly, there are some mornings that no matter how hard I try, I cant do it. I cant make my body move.  But I have to try.  I cant give up, not yet.  I know there is more to life than laying in bed or on the couch all day.  I have to believe that, I want to believe that.  That’s what I am trying to say about having a reason to get out bed.  Once you are out and you have won that battle, who knows what else you will be able to conquer in life!  I have faith in you so all I ask is you have faith in yourself and don’t give up.

There are more reasons that get me out of bed or off the couch on bad pain days and I will share them with you in a later post.  Just realize that its the small steps that matter not the marathon you think you need to do.  Because honestly, you will remember those small steps and you will remember how wonderful those made you feel so you will want to do it more!

Leave me a comment below on something that you would get out of bed for.  Doesn’t matter how big or small, all that matters is it can move you!

And until next time……….


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