Trying something new

deardiaryFor the next 2 weeks, Im going to try something new to my blog.  Im going to add a new post every day in a journal/diary way.  Im going to be writing every day about how I feel, what I did , and if anything has changed. I will let you know what emotion is the strongest that day, how much sleep I got and how active I was that day. I  want to get others involved and thinking about  what people think is important with chronic pain, what is the difference between acute and chronic pain.  Also about doctors that are important, meds that make a difference, and ways to help yourself when no one else will.

Then the second change that will happening to the blog is guest writers.  These are people that have gone though some  degree of pain,  chronic or acute.  Our  first guest blogger is a good friend of mine, John Hart.  He will be writing about his experience with cancer and pain that went along with that.  I look forward to having John be our quest writer.

I am excited about the two changes that we will be having.

Please feel free to leave a comment below regarding either matter, daily blogging and guest bloggers!

Until next time…………….

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