Top 5 things for a really bad day.

Many people who suffer from chronic pain, have really bad day so that getting out of bed is a chore in itself.  There are items or things to do to have  pre-plan for these days to have by your side to get you through these days.  Over the years, I have needed each and every one of these items to get me to the next day. Many different things can get you through bad days but here is my top 5!

Who doesn’t need a good book?

Reading has been a great way for me to distress and not focus on what is going on my life for those few hours.  Whenever I get into a really good book, the characters come to life and I focus on what is happening in the book.  Is there drama that I can pretend to be dealing with?  Is there a secret I have to pretend to keep?  Or can I inject myself into the character’s life and predict how the book will end? Taking any of these, I can float away and try to forget the pain that I am having that day.  Pick a good book.  One that has many twist and turns or an ending that you never saw coming.  That way you can forget your pain for a while and live inside that book.

Online shopping, anyone?

Even though no one should spend money to feel better, it sure helps to be able to spend a little when chronic pain is showing its ugly head. Buying that special outfit that you know you will look amazing in, is an amazing feeling.  Not only are you in anticipation for wearing it for the first time, but also the special delivery can make anyone feel wonderful. In today’s technology, it is so easy to spend a few dollars online without leaving the comfort of your home, let alone your bed. The release of the endorphins help with depression and anxiety.  As long as the spending of money is done at a safe level, then there is nothing wrong with a splurge every once in awhile.

Rub down time!

Us with chronic pain forget to ask for special favors every once in a while.  One friend of mine had a masseuse come to his home once a month, whether he needed it or not, and he would receive a wonderful massage.  Not only did he not have to leave the comfort of his home, he also didn’t need to worry about not relaxing being that he was literally at home. He would be in the best mood the following days and stress wasn’t a part of his life then. Not all of us can afford this luxury so instead of paying for a masseuse, hire a family member to give a great shoulder rub promising that when you are back on your feet, you will do something special for them.  Anything that helps release tension and stress will help some of the pain that you are feeling. At least for those 15 – 20 minutes you will feel good!

Netflix bingeing

I don’t know about you but when I was younger, and home sick from school, my mom would set me up on the couch with a blanket and pillows.  I would spend the day watching I Love Lucy rerun and laugh till I felt better. Even today, I could sit and watch every episode of that show and feel so much better, if I was having a bad day.  Finding those shows are like a good book.  You want to find a good series that has a few seasons under their belt and something you can really get into.  It doesn’t need to be something that you will learn from, save the world with, or become the next great artist.  I believe the racer the better.  That way the less brain cells will need to be used to follow the program. There is always great trashy show out there.

Friends on speed-dial

There are times when you need to be there for your friends but there are some times when they need to be there for you.  Whether that is an ear to listen to you list off the places on your body that don’t hurt because that list is shorter. Or they are that shoulder to have you cry it all out on them.  Sometime you just need that person who can drop everything and be your support.  The hardest part is not to abuse this friendship and to allow your friends your shoulder when they need it.  If the friendship is 50/50 both fell complete and not giving more or less than the other person.  Use this friendship on these bad days to remind you why you need to fight to get through them and tomorrow is another day.  Fight to see that it is a better day.

All these top 5 items are important to have at a moments notice because we don’t know when the bad days are going to pop up. As long as everything is ready, then when the bad days happen, they don’t seem quite so bad.





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