Today was pre-op day

Today was the day I had to go into the hospital for pre-operative  procedures today. I had to have blood drawn, and EKG, and  physical to make sure I am healthy enough for the big day next week. I can’t believe we are dow


to just a week and three days left.  Thought it would take forever but it was a lot faster than I wanted.

I think I’m ready but very nervous.  I have been knowing for a long time this surgery was going to happen, but it still doesn’t prepare you for it.  Surgery, no matter how many you have had, it is still hard.  Major or minor surgery can be difficult for anyone.

How am I preparing for surgery?

There is a list to be made, stuff to be packed, and things to be done.  But that is all the simple things to do.  Kids need places to stay, the dog need a kennel to be boarded, and I  need to make it through this.  I have clothes to wash, house to clean, and Christmas to get ready for.  All this while keeping my sanity together.

I have made lists that I think are going to help me.  I have given a list to my husband and written out all that needs to be done but there is more to getting ready than doing lists.  What about the nerves and the anxiety?  How do you deal with that?

I have never been a very spiritual or religious person.  I believe in God and I believe in the power of God but I don’t go to church every Sunday.  I have been known to hide my religion and not speak of it but I do something daily that I think has happened my anxiety and fear of my surgery.  I pray daily. I use that time as a way to meditate and focus on my day. I talk to my God and let him know about my fears, this helping me get to the day of surgery. Even if you meditate, and are not a religious person, it is ok to have spiritual time and learn to calm yourself that way.

Another way of calming my nerves and prepare myself for surgery is to take the time I need  for myself.  Alone time,  as we call it in our family. My husband works such odd hours but tries his best to give me as much alone time as I need. I think I’m pretty lucky that way. My me time can be just about anything that I want it to me.  And the more I take time for myself, the more I can deal with my emotions about surgery.  I have the time to think and to do what I need to prepare myself.  Things that I do is shopping, taking hot baths, writing my blog, and spend time with friends.

Other ways I have been getting ready to emotionally deal with surgery, is by journaling.  I have journaled since I can remember.  It has always helped me get control of my feelings.  I do this just by writing exactly how I am feeling and what I am dealing with. Once I can get it out of my head and onto paper, sometimes my fears don’t seem so bad or my anger doesn’t seem to needed, or I’m angry with me and not who I thought I was. Journalling is a great way to deal with emotions and deal with to much swarming in your head.

These are just a few of the things that I try to help calm my nervous and get through this time.  Praying or meditating, journaling, and me time is all things that work for me.  What works for you?  How do you handle tough situations? Let me know in the comments below.



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