How to have a Me-time day when dealing with chronic pain

Many times I have every intention to have a self-care day and then reality sneaks up. The reality of the fact that you are in so much pain you can’t do it or your illness has flared so self-care is out of the questions.  Your illness or chronic pain takes over and all your control that you once had, is now down the drain. Is it still possible to take care of yourself all the while dealing with a great amount of pain?

Self-care is defined as “any necessary human regulatory function which is under individual control, deliberate and self-initiated”.Under individual control?  That means that each and every one of us has control to allow us to have self-care. But how and what is self-care for those with chronic pain and chronic illness? Is it the same as it is to those without the pain and illness?

Self-care is a huge necessity for us with chronic pain and illness. Taking care od ourselves with the day-to-day elements are important. But what is more important is doing special self-care on a daily basis, or every other day. Here is a list that I compiled of some things that I believe is listed under self-care.

  1. Taking a leisurely walk
  2. Taking a warm to hot bubble or Lush bath
  3. Spend a day watching movies that either touches your funny bone or brings a tear to your eye.
  4. Get a mani/Pedi
  5. Take a nap
  6. Read a book that isn’t about your disease or what causes your pain.
  7. Got to the movies and eat a whole tub of popcorn
  8. Light a bunch of candles and order delivery food
  9. Call an old friend and talk about everything but your disease or what causes you pain
  10. Lay in bed all day and watch YouTube videos.
  11. Pin a bunch of articles to your Pinterest boards
  12. Buy some flowers
  13. Order your groceries online and include a bunch of junk food to eat
  14. Reconnect with an old friend on Facebook or Twitter
  15. Sit by a fire and drink a cup of hot tea
  16. Go through magazines and tear out pages of ideas to redecorate your house
  17. Write a letter to someone special to you
  18. Gather a bunch of catalogs and go shopping in them
  19.  Listen to your favorite music and if you can, get up and dance.
  20. Pet your animal for 20 minutes.  Good for both you and your pet!

Any one of these would make a self-care day, or as I like to call it, me time day perfect.  Make a list for those days that you want a”me-time”.  It doesn’t have to be an all day sort of thing.  It can be a “me-hour’ or even a “me half day”.  But having a list ready might make it easier to plan your time and not waste a lot of time trying to figure out what you want to do for your time.

Another good thing to have on hand is a self-care basket.  In this basket, you have everything you need to have a self-care time.  Let’s say you want a bubble bath and read a book.  Have in the basket all your favorite bubble bath essentials.  Like if you are into Lush products like me, have a bunch of bath bombs on hand ready to be used.  Also, have in the basket the book you want to read.  Some nice tea for hot tea, and maybe your favorite candy to have after the bath.

It doesn’t take a lot to put a basket together, but on those bad days when you want to have the me-time, the last thing you want to be doing is running to the store to purchase what is needed for me time day. Think about what it would take to pamper yourself and have on hand. Then have your supplies ready and plan out your me-time.  Think about what days work better for you, but also won’t interfere with others in your household and life.  Make sure the day isn’t inconveniencing anyone else and then plan away.  Make sure you try to have a me-time once a month or every other month.  The more you have me-times, the less stressed you will be.

What’s your favorite me-time activities?  How often do you think me-times should happen?  Leave a comment below letting me know what is your favorite me-time!

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