Three weeks post-op- how am I doing?

 These are the actual screws that were taken out of my body and now there are 8 of these screws that were placed in me, again.  If you look closely, you can see the two screws that I broke.


I can’t believe that it has been three weeks since surgery!  I feel like it was just was yesterday. Even though I’m doing pretty well, I still am trying to get over the lack of strength and the healing that needs to happen. Surgery, for the most part, went well. All that is left is the healing that needs to happen.

Surgery was December 23 around 7:30 am.  Surgery was supposed to be pretty easy.  The doctor was supposed yo take out some of the old hardware that is on my back and do a fusion for L3-L4 on my spine. That would make me fused from L3 down to S1, so most of my lower spine.  I guess everything was going fine until the doctor was supposed to take out the screws in S1 and it was then that he realized that when he was trying to unscrew the screws, they weren’t unscrewing.  After taking a better look at the screws. he realized that I somehow broke two titanium screws in half.  Broke titanium screws in half.  Who does that?? Obviously me!

Luckily, they were able to get the broken screws out and there was enough bone to screw in the new screws.  And after seeing the CT scan they did on me, they were able to determine that I don’t need to have another surgery on that part of my spine, as of right now. So there was some good news that I got!  Of course, at any time I could easily break the screws again and need to have another surgery to fix that problem,

I was able to come home from the hospital on Christmas Day, just like I had promised my kids.  Everything was good coming home but my pulse ox.  It wouldn’t get any higher than 78 and my pulse won’t slow down. It’s been running about 125 to 115.  So coming home, I had to bring with me, oxygen. Now, I’m on oxygen 24/7 until I can get my levels up to normal.

Other than that, the surgery and coming home has all been good.  I use my cane and that is the all. No walker or anything like that is I am using. I was up and out of bed within 3 hours of surgery. The faster I get up and moving, the faster I get to come home. I was able to do stairs by that evening.  But after the 5th surgery, of do you can of do it all in your sleep.

The incision is healing as best as it can but when the doctors miss a staple and now it’s been in for 3 weeks. That’s  going to hurt coming out.  I will have to see the doctor next week and get that taken out.  But other than that, everything seems to be going ok and right on schedule.  I don’t have to see the doctor again till  February 8th.  Which shows that everything is normal and going along just fine.

As to my mental health, it was really hard having my 5th surgery and not feel like I am a burden on my husband,  That will be a whole other post soon.  But it’s hard knowing he has to take 6 weeks off work, all to take care of me.  So that is has been hard on me.  Other than that, my mental health has been pretty good.  It will be hard, though, when he does go back to work.  I have learned to rely on him and he is always there.  See the whole feeling like a burden?  Very easy for me to do!

I am really glad that the 5th back surgery is over and done with. I got through this one pretty easily and so did the rest of the family.  I was really worried about the kids and the way they were going to handle it, being that the surgery was right for Christmas, but they handled it like champs like they are.  Even the dog, my biggest baby handled it real well and spent a few days in a kennel. He seemed to be ok and was really exhausted when he came home.  We were able to watch him on a live feed and saw him making friends!

So all in all, everything went good and I am so glad that I’m at three weeks out and this is getting to be all behind me. The hardest part about all of this is the sitting around waiting to heal. But that’s all part of this.  Soon I will be writing a post as to what it was like to have surgery and what I remember.  And another post on what to expect to have happened after back surgery. Hopefully, my experiences can help others that need to have back surgery.


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