Something New At Pain, Love, Hope! Come Check It Out!

Have you ever seen a bridge and wonder what is on the other side and if it’s worth checking out?  Well, Pain, Love, Hope has built a new bridge and I am hoping you are going to want to come check out the other side.  You see, I decide that I wanted to start to give back to my readers for all the times that you have read my story, and what a long story it is, isn’t it?

Over the last few weeks, I really wanted to do something special for my subscribers, since we are already over 4000.  I thought about another giveaway, which would only make one person lucky. So I thought about setting up a resource library for those who also suffer from chronic pain and illness.  I’m sure you are asking what is a resource library and how can that help you.  Well, let me tell you about this world of goodies!

A resource library is a place that you can go, but only if you are a member of the Chronic Pain Cronies group.  If you have already signed up for my newsletter and received an email with a password, well you are all set to go.  If you don’t have that password, you’ll need to sign up to be a part of our friends, my crony.  Once you have done that, you can head over to the resource library and get access to the FREE, yes free printables that are already there and waiting for you.  Let me tell you about one of the printables that are there.  The first one is a medicine tracker.  All you need to do is print it out, write in your medicines and off you going keeping track that you have taken it every day. How easy is that for you?  Nothing else for you to do, and you can print it out as many times as you like.  Maybe once for you, and one for your husband, and of course, maybe Fido is taking medicines that you need to keep track of.  So print out three! How easy is that!

Now, the medicine tracker isn’t the only printable out there.  There are a few more, with the guarantee of two printable every month. Every month, there will be the printables already there and then two more will be added for you to use.

It’s as simple as that.  Join the group of cronies here at Pain, Love, Hope’s newsletter and get access to all the free printables.  Some months, there will be request months for printables that you might need.  If you are chosen to be one of the few, I will create the printable for you and all your friends and you won’t have to lift a finger.  Pretty fun, isn’t it?

So right now, make sure that you are a part of the friend’s newsletter.  If not, head to the top of the blog and under “Get instant access to Chronic Pain Cronies Resource Library” tab and sign up. That’s all you need to do to see the other side of the bridge because big things are going to be happening here and would hate for you to miss it. I look forward to having you part of my cronies and can’t wait for us to be friends.





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