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What is ME time?

About 4 years ago, my husband gave me an amazing gift…..3 days to myself away in the mountains. I had never stayed in a hotel by myself, and I had never eaten a meal by myself. I had the best time and really learned that I can be alone and it is good for me to have “Me time”. I did what I wanted when I wanted and had to not take care of anyone except me. I spent the time shopping and walking, reading and relaxing. As much as I missed my family, I learned a lot about myself in just those three days. Not only was I able to function as an adult again, I was not overly stressed to the point that the pain was worse.  Having that me time was one of the best gifts my husband could ever have given me.

What is ME time?

Me time isn’t just about packing a bag and going away for a few days.  Me time can consist of just getting your nails done or shopping by yourself. I used to tan and that 20  minutes was my “Me time” every couple of days.  Me time doesn’t have to be something expensive or something that you do all the time but “me time” should be for anyone and everyone.

Examples of ME time!

  1. Take a free workshop to learn something new.
  2. Sign up for a class ie: painting, piano lessons, or baking
  3. Try new stores for your “errands”
  4. Instead of hitting the gym, hit the outdoors
  5. Eat a meal all by yourself, no screaming kids allowed
  6. Train for a challenge, like a marathon or climb a mountain
  7. And my favorite, take a “staycation” in your own town.

Why is it necessary to have Me time?

Me time is important to everyone that has to adult every day.  We all work hard, whether it be a job or working to survive an illness. so taking time for yourself is important.  Many a time we run ourselves ragged and full steam ahead that we forget to rejuvenate ourselves and reward ourselves. We overstuffed our brains with raising kids, doing a career, or living with chronic pain that we don’t realize that our mind and spirit needs a break. Some times that break is as simple as running to the grocery store with no one hanging to your tail.  Other times it’s that 3 day vacation that gets you out of your everyday life and allows you to take a solo adventurer.

How often should I “Me” time?

We get into such ruts with our lives that its simpler and scheduled to do the day-to-day adulting. Sometimes it isn’t feasible to do Me time all the time but if you get that hour alone time, I promise you will feel better and more relaxed.  Not only will you feel better, your family will notice a relaxed person to.  Me time isn’t calling in sick to work to take care of the chronic pain patient either.  Me time has to be something that puts a smile on your face and a jump to your step.

Next time you are feeling down and in that rut that won’t let you smile, try some me time. Go to the park and swing for an hour, I dare you!


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