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I have been given access to as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.

I was asked to do a review on this company, Patient Bank, which can be found here.  Patient Bank is an online company that retrieves your medical records and stores them in one place for you to review, print, and have on hand for any time that you might need to have your records,  For instants, if you are seeing a new physician.  Having all your medical records on hand would be helpful for both yourself and the new doctor.  Another reason is if you are needing a second opinion. Having any medical records is very helpful  I know that I have had to wait for days if not long for my medical records from doctors that I was currently seeing.

In return for my opinion. I was given a free account for a year with the ability to get as many records as I need.  It did recommend to have it less than 10 years, as records are purged many times.  I decided to see just how many records I could obtain, one being just at 10 years this past August, the day my son was born, August 7, 2006.  So onward with my mission of obtaining these records,

I started my mission back on January 14, 2017, for 7 different records from 7 different doctors/hospitals.  I started the process in the evening, a little after dinner time, and considering that I thought it would take about an hour to fill out the information.  But I was wrong, it was a fast process and very easy to do.  As long as you have the information for each of your doctors, it was a fast process. Maybe 3 minutes and the longest time is to find the correct name of the establishment.

Once you have placed your order, you sit back and wait.  That’s all you do.  Most of my more common records were found in less than two weeks.  The one I wanted to see if there would be records, was in fact, still in the hospital and I received all the records from my son’s birth.  I was excited and will enjoy reading those records.  Given that it took 6 weeks, I am still impressed with this company.

Here is how you sign up.  Go to the website here to sign up.  There is a wonderful, informative video of the whole process and what to expect from the process.  Each set of records cost $30.00 a piece.  At first, I was thinking that this was a lot, so I called a hospital here in town explaining that I needed my records from 4 years ago, what the cost. I was pretty shocked at this.  The first 10 pages were free.  That was nice of them.  But sit down for the next part.  Pages 11-20 cost .45 a page and anything over 20 pages where .95.  I asked how many pages where my records.  The answer floored me, only 113.  That is $92.40 for MY records.  I said thank you and hung up.  Maybe $30.00 sounds like a lot, but in reality, it is nothing compared to what you could be charged.

Pros for this was simple; all your records in one place.  Also, you don’t have to run around trying to find all the places you have been, go there and sign consent forms, pay a large amount, and wait.  Here you spend 3 minutes to start, pay $30, sign the consent form and wait.  I would definitely go with Patient Bank. You also get a “shareable summary” to be able to share with all your doctors. And the final pro for Patient Bank is that you can keep track of all your records in one place.  I really enjoy that.

Cons for this was few, okay, only one.  The biggest one would be the time that it.  Granted, I gave them one that was over 10 years old and they still got it for me, so is it really a con?  If you have the time, then it’s not really a problem.  You are going to have to wait no matter what, so why not be able to track the whole process.

My final verdict with Patient Bank is it is positive, easy to use, and affordable.  It would be smart of you to use Patient Bank for all your records in one place.  Take time today to get all your medical records in the one hands that they need to be in, yours.



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