Being overwhelmed in life, 7 tips to help

Sitting here tonight, I wonder how often others are feeling how I am feeling, overwhelmed.  I don’t believe it’s a bad thing to feel this way but it’s very easy to feel this way.  How do you handle being overwhelmed, good or bad?  How do you handles it in a way that makes it ok to feel like this? I have come up with 7 tips to help you become less overwhelmed or ways to help you handle be overwhelmed.

1. Get enough sleep.

This  is a huge one.  Getting enough sleep, period is a requirement for life in general. Give yourself  time to wind down before going to bed, and create the quietest, darkest sleeping space possible (my husband and I use black-out curtains, ear plugs, and white noise from the bathroom fan to block out street sounds). The more stressed out we are, the earlier we try to get to bed.  Sleeping always makes things better.

2. Mediate

I used to be able to be lacked most of the day and then life happened.  I picked up a part-time job.  The kids are back in school and husband’s hours are, well, always crazy.  I am starting to lose the sense of centeredness. Taking the time out each day and find that center is huge.  Take a few minutes, breathe deep and try to find that calmness. Even just breathing deeply will help tremendously.

3. Find time to eat.

I always heard growing up that the body needs fuel and the only way to get that is by eating. But the more stressed I am, the less I eat.  That is one of the worse things that you can do for your body. Feed it the fuel that it needs.  I recently started eating breakfast and I am finding that I have more energy and able to think better when I do.  Make breakfast the most important meal of the day and see how that helps you handled things.

4. Get enough “one day at a time”

As the ancient saying goes: “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” When life is particularly stressful, it really helps to just focus on getting through each day. I use my morning quiet time to get centered and ready to face the day, and that day alone. Life feels so much easier when you face it one day at a time.

5. Make no your default answer.

Saying no is not a bad thing.  And actually, its a good thing to say when being overwhelmed.  The best thing to do is honestly think about what you really want.  If it is a no, then its a no.  There isn’t an infinite amount of time available to you. When you say that yes it will mean something really important will be squeezed out: that time alone you desperately need, or that extra hour of sleep that would make all the difference, or the precious time with your spouse or kids that you all long for.

6. Take a break

When you are needing to breathe and feelings of being overwhelmed is looming, take a break.  Find the time in your day to let things go for a bit and come back to it a little later with a clearer mind.  Taking a break from things isn’t bad, it just means that you need to let the mind have a break.

7. Give yourself a day off

We work, we have lives, we have families, we have friends, and we are supposed to remain calm.  Life can so get in the way.  Everything is so fast paced now with life being electronic that its hard to give yourself a day off.  But it is needed to have time to recoup, regenerate, and learn to live not in such a now time.  Put down the electronics, hide the phone, have a face to face conversation with someone who you havent spoken to in while.  Try to have a day of rest with nothing to do but what you want to do.

Try these 7 steps and see if any of them help you start to live a non-overwhelmed life.  If you have any other ways to help others not be so overwhelmed, leave them in the comments.  What is your favorite day off, no electronic kind of day?  Let me know what you like to do!


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