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Beauty and Chronic Pain

Beauty has nothing to do with chronic pain. Or does it?

Many a day I had been known to be laying in bed, hair a mess and not a care in the world for make-up. But then there is something that comes up, which needs me to look decent, and my entire mood changes with a little eyeshadow and lip gloss.

What is it about the way we look, that affects our mood?  Is beauty that important or is it just because it makes you feel good? How do we learn to love ourselves despite the way we feel?

Our  bodies fights us on everything we do.  Just the thought about getting out of bed is a battle.  So why would you ever feel that your body radiates beauty when all you feel is ugly?

Beauty in the Pain in the eye of beholder

Being ugly because of the chronic pain shouldn’t be allowed.  Feeling depressed can surely make anyone feel ugly. But that is no reason to feel that way.   There is day when all I feel I ugly because of the depression and chronic pain.  But there should be things we can do to make ourselves feel better and almost attractive, like a coat of lip gloss and a comb through the hair.

Maybe beauty isn’t the “eye of the beholder” but in the “pain in the eye of the beholder”.  That doesn’t mean we can’t fake it till we make it.  Hence a little mascara and a little blush.

No one knows what you are going through day-to-day. Rocking the look of bed head and no makeup can be the next “in style”.  If that is the day you are having, then own it.  Work it.

We should all be given a little break because of the pain we live with.  We should have good days, bad days, ugly days, and pain days.  That is all that needs to be said “Hi, Sally, how are you?” Sally answers “good, good, just having a pain day” and that should be it.  Like a little highlight and foundation.

Who has it worse, men or women in pain?  I think anyone that suffers with chronic pain has it bad but there is beauty in all.  Shine that bright face.

Don’t hide because it’s a bad pain day, instead dress it up with the best beauty application and a smile.  After all, you are all beautiful to me.


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