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I have always liked being creative and along with that organized.  I feel like being creative can really get my mind off things, such as being in pain and things that are stressing  me out, like an upcoming surgery

Being creative either comes naturally to some people or others need to “train” their minds to think that way.  There are many articles out there about how to become creative but here are my top ones that I think can help someone to become more creative.

  1. Doodle, doodle, doodle.  Remember in school when you were told not to doodle and pay attention?  Well, it’s time to think differently.  I have noticed that the more I doodle, the more focused I become.
  2. Join or sign up to take a class in something you have never done before but requires you to be creative.  Try a drawing class, pottery class, scrapbook class, or anything like that.
  3. Make sure the area that you use to be creative in is a creative environment. Try and make the environment what you are going to work at is as exciting and creative as Google is for their employees. They go to great lengths offering fun perks such as beach volleyball courts and free beer, a setup almost resembling an adult playground. The goal is to create an environment that lets employees feel relaxed and comfortable with vocalizing creative, even wacky, ideas.
  4. Stop brainstorming and move your body.  Go for a walk. And while you are out, look at an idea from a different perspective now.  With working your body, your creative “juices” flow and you will be able to look at an idea in a different light.
  5. Take the 30 circles test. Try this experiment done by Tim Brown.Take a piece of paper and draw 30 circles on the paper. Now, in one minute, adapt as many circles as you can into objects. For example, one circle could become a sun. Another could become a globe. How many can you do in a minute? (Take quantity over quality into consideration.)The result: Most people have a hard time getting to 30, largely because we have a tendency as adults to self-edit. Kids are great at simply exploring possibilities without being self-critical, whereas adults have a harder time. Sometimes, even the desire to be original can be a form of self-editing. Don’t forget–good artists copy, great artists steal
  6. Start using a sketchbook. Get a small sketchbook that can fit into the bag you are caring and sketch anywhere and at anytime. Sketch things like the bus as you are waiting for the bus.  Draw the menu as you are waiting on your waitress/waiter.  Draw your sketchbook and pencil with your sketchbook and pencil.  Things like that make you think more creatively and put you in a more creative mindset.
  7. Try to have “toys” on your desk.  This will give you ideas as what you draw and be creative with.  I try to keep silly putty by me at all times.  I like to play with it while writing out things for my blog.  Keeps my mind centered to what I need to be thinking about.
  8. Ask for criticism but only with an open mind.  You might ask for someone’s honest opinion but do you really want to hear what they have to say?  I hope so because that is how we learn and become better.  Just know they aren’t criticizing you as a person but something you did.
  9. And don’t be afraid to criticize yourself.  You will be the hardest on you but that’s ok. Criticizing yourself doesn’t mean setting such a high standard that you always feel like you miss the mark. You should be able to criticize your own work while also being able to appreciate your strengths.

Most of all, enjoy yourself and this new side of you. Being creative doesn’t mean that you need to be  a perfectionist. When being creative, all you have to enjoy the new you  and enjoy your own style of “art” whether or not others enjoy it.

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