New blog schedule

I have decided to switch things up and start posting things differently.  I love the Dear Diary series but I was running out of things to post about.  So here is the new schedule that I started on Sunday, July 24, 2016.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Sunday – Self-help Sundays. This will be  on different things to do to help you get through chronic pain.

Monday – Monday Medicine  This is a look into a different medication that are out there for chronic pain patients.

Tuesday is – Off Topic Tuesdays.  This is a look into things that I’m into right now ie:fashion, beauty, crafts, tv/movie shows and other things like that.

Wednesday – Doctor, doctor.  This is all about doctors and different kinds of doctors out there and what is the best way to use your doctors.

Thursday – Dear Diary series continues.

Friday – Spotlight Illness.  I will research and examine different types of illnesses out there.

Saturday – No blog day

Hopefully this will give a good variety of subjects and of course if anyone has other idea, please email me at


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