Living with a LEO. Life in the Blue Family.

My husband, Eric in uniform and ready for work.

LEO stands for Law Enforcement Officer.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but anything that is hatred toward LEO or law enforcement, in general, will not be tolerated.  Please comment wisely.

The phone rang and I stumbled to try to wake myself up and answer the ringing.  I noticed that the caller ID was my husband, Eric, who was working on this cold, snowy day.  I thought to myself that he was calling to let me know he was probably going to be late with the roads being icy and snow packed. I answered with a very groggy “hello”.  The voice on the other line said: “did I wake you, baby”.  I answered, “yeah, it’s a great day for a nap”.  The next words that were spoken had to be repeated over.  I thought I hear him say he was ok but I needed him to repeat that.  Eric said again “I don’t want you to worry, and I am ok. I’m at the hospital after being hit by a car on the highway”.

 This time I totally understood what he had spoken and I jumped out of bed, my first instinct was to be mad and yell at him.  How dare he get hurt and I couldn’t be there to see and know he was ok. I was mad that he was hurt but more importantly, I was scared because he was hurt.  After calming down, I finally understood what he was saying. He was at the hospital being checked out, but he knew he was ok.

Eric was standing on the side of the highway, working a two car accident.  He looked up from writing a ticket to see a car coming over a hill, going way to fast and out of control.  Eric’s first response was to move the gentleman out of harm’s way and put himself in it.  The car coming down I-25 rammed into the car he was standing in front of, and pushed him onto the hood, with his legs still planted on the ground, firmly. Eric’s knee took the brunt of the impact and the paramedics thought for sure that knee was going to be messed up.  The paramedics were corrected and a week later, Eric had to have knee surgery. He has healed the best he could from that, but it was a large impact hitting into his knee.  Now he has some bad days where his knee can tell the change in the weather.  Not something you want your knee to be able to predict.

That was not the only phone call from Eric saying “I’m ok but I am at the hospital from being injured”.  Most recently, Eric was in a scuffle with a man high on drugs and Eric tore the ligament off of his thumb and needed to have that reattached, on my birthday. Luckily, those have been the only two calls I have received about Eric.  But I will tell you when he is at work and I see that it is him calling me, my stomach does a flip-flop till I know that he is ok. 14 years and I still have the same reaction.                                                                                      

Living the life of an LEO’s wife hasn’t been easy, especially the last few years.  I used to worry about him getting hurt because he was doing his job, now I have to worry that someone will try to kill him because of what he does for a living.

I am very proud of Eric for what he does.  He deals with a lot of bad things and sees a lot of bad things but he keeps himself put together and handles everything with dignity and respect.  I can’t say that if I saw what he does on a day-to-day basis, I probably wouldn’t be as composed as he is all the time.

It has gotten worse for police officers on the road now compared to what it was 5 – 10 years ago.  There is little to no respect for officers in parts of the county but every day, they come into work and put your life before theirs.  How many of us can say we could do that?  How many of us could swear to take a bullet for a complete stranger?

I see the lack of respect that is put on LEO now and I see what that does to a man.  It takes a toll on him and everyone else wearing the badge.  Many of them question their choice of making a living and we have even lost some good men and women because of the lack of respect for the men and women in blue.

Being an LEO’s wife can be difficult most days. I have learned over the years to trust Eric as a cop and I know that he will do everything in his power to come home. The hours suck, the working on holidays suck, and the missed birthdays and other special occasions suck.  But I will take that any day as long as he comes home safe and sound to me.

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