When life gets in the the way.

Life has a tendency to get in the way of how we think things should be.  Have you ever looked at your life, I mean really look at your life, and think this isn’t how you thought it should be?  Have you ever wonder how you got here today?

Life can be so unexpected and unpredictable.  But what happens when it gets in the way of your chronic pain or chronic illness?  What do I mean by that?  Life is just traveling along and you think that you have it under control.  You have accepted that life was going to be a certain way.  You accepted that you would be dealing with pain on a daily basis or you knew that you had an illness that you knew how to deal with it.  Then life happens and throws a curve ball at you.  What do you do?

Life will happen.

No matter what you do to try to prevent life from happening, it will.  Especially when you think that you have everything under control. Something will happen that will change everything and you are supposed to just accept it and move on.  That’s not really fair. But, unfortunately, true.

The faster you accept that new change in your life, the easier it will be.  Not dwelling on the what ifs and the why me’s are always the hardest part.  I’m good at feeling sorry for myself and getting myself stuck in a self-pity party for a while.  The party usually doesn’t last too long, but it’s not a party that others are invited too.  If I would bring others, there is a good chance that they will tell me to suck it up and get on with it. Maybe this is the best way to deal with it?  Or maybe it’s coming to terms with life and learning to accept the changes.

Easier said than done!

A lot of people may know exactly what to say when they are trying to get you through this life of yours.  But sometimes that not what you need to hear.  Having someone tell you to deal with it and handle the change isn’t exactly the best advice.

Each person handles a thing in their own way.  When there is one person who takes change by the horns and rides that bull, there are others that hid from that bull hoping it would just go away. I’m not saying one is better than the other, but it’s finding out how you do handle the change and let it be that way.  Accept yourself and the way you handle things.

Handling Life.

I believe that it is certain to accept life and move on from the changes that are put into our lives.  Life going  is going to change no matter what we do.  How we handle the change is the biggest test of all.

  • Acceptance is the biggest factor of all.  Find a way to come to terms with the change and learn a new way to live with it.
  • Talking with others about the new change can be very helpful by getting different views on how to handle it.
  • Look at it as a new adventure that you have never done before.
  • Take it one day at a time.  Throwing too much on your plate won’t help to handle the new change.
  • Don’t forget to breathe.  This very minute life is looking like it’s too much to handle but in the next, it might not seem as bad.
  • Remember that you are only human and you won’t be given any more than you can handle.  I truly believe that.
  • Find your spiritual being and use it in every way possible.  It will be calming and refreshing.
  • Know that you are stronger than you give yourself credit for.

Finding new ways to handle changes is an important part of life.  How we deal with it and how we come out on the other side is very important.  Give yourself more credit than you do now. Work hard to accept your new life and know those things may not always be this way for long.

It’s ok to not like that life can get in the way, especially when it was just fine the way it was. But try to find the good in the new change. After all, this is the one and only life that you have, live it to the fullest.






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