I know how you feel!

Are you frustrated?  Maybe you don’t need to explain it to anyone ever again.  Maybe its no one else’s business and even if you try to explain it, it won’t matter.  Don’t waste the energy and time.  Know that you don’t owe anyone anything.  Its is so ok to tell people who it’s a bad day and leave it at that.

This is everything that I am trying to tell myself too. Let’s make a pact that we don’t waste time and energy on explaining on we feel, what we go through, and why we go through it.  It’s our business and if you choose to talk about it and take the time to explain, then more power to you.

This is just thought for the night.  Food for thought.  No matter what you are going through, whether it be an illness, pain, or mental health issues, we shouldn’t be frustrated trying to explain our life to others.

Take a deep breath and own your life.  Because you get just one life to live.  Be strong, know that you are confident in the life that you live. And stop being frustrated trying to explain to others what is going on with your wonderful life.




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