Day 74- Dear Diary

Dear diary,

Went to the doctor yesterday and he confirmed it……surgery again.  He showed me the x-ray and there is no space between the disc, at all.  There is supposed to be some space to cushion the disc but there isn’t any.It is pretty bad in there.  Not only is there no space, one of the discs is out of alignment and its sticking out further than all the other disc. Surgery is scheduled for December 23rd.  Two days before Christmas, lucky me. My surgeon said with how fast I get myself out of the hospital, I’ll be home on Christmas day. 72 hour is the norm, I’m shooting for 48 or less.

I feel worse for the kids since Christmas is their favorite time of the year.  I feel like  I am ruining it for them.  I know that it isn’t my fault but I still feel bad.

The surgeon doesn’t know if we are doing a one level fusion or a two level fusion yet.  I have an MRI on November 1st and that will confirm if it needs to be a one level.  Also, he will be taking out the screws from the previous fusion.  So there will be a lot going on during the surgery. Recovery will be between 6-8 weeks.  I hate recovering from surgery.  It seems to take forever and it take a long time for my energy to come back, too.

Seems like everything is going wrong in the health department for me.  I called my pain management doctor, and she no longer is working at the practice.  Now I have to start all over with another doctor, right before surgery!  Not exactly what I want to be doing.  It’s hard enough to deal with seeing all the doctors before surgery but starting fresh with a new one will suck.

I need to be spending the next few weeks getting ready for the surgery, for the recovery, and of course, Christmas.  I will be taking you with me on this journey.  I will be back posting more often and letting you know how it is all going. Please don’t hesitate to ask a question about anything. And let me know what kind of information you will want to read.

So that is about all for tonight.

Until the next time………..






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