Day 67- Dear Dairy




Dear diary,

School is back in session and mom couldn’t be happier.  Summer is always fun to have the kids home and spend the extra time together but two months are plenty on me.  It’s nice to have the kids at home to help out, especially on the bad days.  The hardest part about having the kids home is that one word that if I hear it again, I’ll pull my hair out.  I’ll spell it for you, b-o-r-e-d.  I am so glad that I won’t be hearing that for a while.

Back to the routine

I’ve always done better working off of a busy routine and now that there are errands to run, house to clean. laundry to do , and meals to cook, the school year is all about routine.  I have more time to myself now but when the kids come home from school, there are showers to do, homework to get done, and preparation for the next day that needs to be done. My kids have always done better working on a routine too.  They need their lives to be predictable for the most part.  Through in a curve ball, and watch out.  The act like life is over and can’t possibly go one.  Drama is both their middle names.  But seriously, as long as we can keep to a simple schedule, we all profit from it.

Cooler air is in the, well, air

I can’t believe that August is almost all over with and September is knocking on the door.  As much as I love the longer days  and warm nights, I’m ready for Fall to come.  Not only is it nice due to the weather not being so hot, but it doesn’t cause as much pain in my back like heat does. My back has always done better in cooler weather and doesn’t seem to get worked up like it does in the heat and in the cold weather. Plus, the bonus with Fall is the beautiful trees turning and the crisper air.  Who doesn’t like that? I like to wear sweaters and jeans over shorts and shirts any day.  I just feel more comfortable that way. Plus with cooler weather comes the hockey season and anyone that knows me well, knows just how much I love hockey. A good hockey game can lift my spirit no matter what.

Time for a check-up

Ever know that its time to get back into your doctor and see him because things might have changed?  I’ve been knowing for a while that its time to get back to my surgeon to see what is going on with my back but I’ve come up with every excuse in the book.  My husband has even offered to call and make the appointment but I keep saying “oh, I’ll call, tomorrow”.  I guess it is true that we do know our body better than most people and we should trust that gut feeling.  I shouldn’t be running away and hiding from going to see him, but know that I am strong enough for whatever is thrown at me. I worry so much with what he might say when instead I should be telling myself that no matter what is said, I can handle it. I  have done it all before so whats the worst that could happen.  Some times I think that we anticipate what the outcome will be that we talk ourselves right out of hearing that there could be an easier outcome.  Meaning, if we didn’t stress so much on the what if’s, then getting there wouldn’t be so bad.  Chronic pain patients expect to hear the worse all the time that we forget that we too deserve to hear good news.  Maybe it doesn’t come as often as it does with most people but I need to believe that it does happen.  I want to believe that it does and I have to trust that it does, too.  From now on, I want to deal with my fears head on, and maybe just maybe, once it won’t be that bad. Oh, a girl can dream, can’t she?


Until next week……………………..







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