My Husband’s life matters!

My heart is heavier now than ever and I feel that Americans are letting me and the police family down.  We are losing more police officers now more than ever.  This is disgusting and so unnecessary.  We need this to stop before America becomes a war between those who believe that only Black Lives Matter and the rest of the nation.

I’ve been trying to not worry and fear for the lost  of any more lives, but it isn’t stopping.  After thinking that what took place in Dallas was tragic enough, now another 3 lives were lost in Baton Rouge.  We have lost an alarming amount of officers this year totalling 66 deaths.  That’s 200% more this year than any other year.  When will it become enough and all this madness ends?  When will the constant pain in my stomach disappear?

From the moment he walks out that door, all dressed in uniform, I patiently wait for the moment he returns. From the first text message I receive that he is at work, I patiently wait for that text that he is leaving for the night. I am waiting patiently for his days off, and dread his work days.  I fear when it has gone awhile when I don’t hear from him at something dreadful has happened.  I jump the minute my phone rings and the number is not familiar. And describing the fear I feel when my doorbell rings and I am not expecting anyone is unbearable.  I live this way because I love a police officer.  I live this way because this is my life.  I live this way because this is where God wants me to be.

When did the human life become to the point where we have to prove who should live and whose life isn’t as important? Do you respect the law?  Then how can you not respect those who uphold the law?  When did it become a one team against another?  And why are we killing our own in our county?

This is all so saddening to me and I am trying to remain positive for my husband.  Imagine doing your job, the one that you love to do and was called to do, and many people called you names and want you dead.  Imagine knowing that this job that you are doing may require you to one day put a complete stranger’s life before your own, no matter color or race. You have a split second to decided who to protect and who you don’t.  Do people really think that an officer who is highly trained, someone who will choose because of that person’s color?  Do you really think that when it comes down to the officer’s life, he will choose not to protect himself all depending on the color of the attractor?   You try it, put yourself out there for a day, a half of a day, an hour, or even for 10 minutes.  Do you see the color of the person when you are upholding the law? Or do you see a human being breaking the law and deserved to be held to the same standards of all americans? Could you be in the position knowing that you are doing your job and there are threats against your life because of the job you were chosen to do? How many of us find a voice via social media but when it comes down to it doesn’t have what it takes to that job that so many people are shunning?  When did our world become so backwards that there are human beings wanting other humans dead because the government of the United States choose the laws and asked these men and women to be the law keepers.  Where is the government now to protect those they asked to do this job that so many of us couldn’t do? Where are they now and not allowing another man or women killed all because of their job?  Where is the government now when they are allowing people not hearing the whole truth about previous unlawful humans and what they did to cause a police officer to choose his/her life over the human who is willing to break the law and cause an officer to protect him/herself?  Where is the media in all this and why are they not being held accountable for making the lives of the officers unworthy?  Why are they allow add lies and untruthful information to Americans and then hide behind their computers and only fight with words they make up? And why is it when an officer is murdered, they are the first to report it and throw lies into their stories?  Why do they make the officer’s life seem so meaningless when the most they can do is write but not produce truth? Why is that my children don’t deserve not to worry about their father, not because he is a bad man but because of the job he does.

Let me repeat all this.  An officer’s life is not worth anything, all because of the job that he does.  Not because who he is as a human being, not because of his worthiness, and caringness, and not because he too is a human being. All because of the job he does.  Do you not find this to be disgusting?  These people who have chosen to  say that they feel all police officers to be racist can say for 100% that they know what is going on inside the mind of every individual police officer’s mind.  These people have met and spoken with, long hours, know exactly what that police officer feels about another race.  When did it become the american way to lump certain human beings into a group all because of the job they do?  Why is it ok for you to call my husband a racist when you have never met him nor spoke to him?  Why is that ok for you to say to me that the “institution of police” is racist but the second you fear for your life, you need their protection? Why is it ok for your to forget what you call them and expect, no demand that they be at your service even though you don’t believe in the “institution of police”? Why have we, strong Americans allowed these few human beings to fear for the lives of these officers?  Why are these human beings so much better than us that we allow them to control our streets and not allow our police officers to do their job, 100% by the law?

When will this all be enough and all lives begin to matter again?  When will it be ok to put food in my stomach and not fear its return due to being constantly worried?  When will it be ok to say that no matter what happens, I will be ok?  When can I look at my children and tell them that they don’t need to worry about their father or any other police officer tonight and to dream sweetly? When will it all be ok?

To get this change, we need strong Americans standing and supporting all police officers and all lives.  I pledge that I will 100% support our police officers.  I pledge that I will try my best to make a change to the way people see our police officers, no matter what it takes.  Can you say the same thing or are you going to let these humans change the way police officers are viewed and that even though under that uniform, there is just one thing, a human being.

Until tomorrow…..

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