Day 61 – Dear Diary

Dear diary,

What a crappy few days its been.  I havent slept in two days due to back pain, have a headache I can’t get rid of, and just had a bad day all around.

I started to have back pain two nights ago sitting in bed before going off to bed.  I couldn’t sleep in my bed at all that night due to the pain and being uncomfortable.  I decided to try the recliner in the living room and stayed there all night.  Even with my muscle relaxer, I couldn’t get into a deep sleep.  My puppy, if you can call 100 lb dog a puppy, stayed by my side all night, knowing something was wrong. I would fall asleep for an hour then wake in pain from not moving and from whatever is making this new pain.  As long as I lean-to one side, I was ok for a bit.

Yesterday was ok day. Didn’t get out of the recliner much though. I was very careful with the way I moved but it wasn’t too bad of a day.  Then bed time came again, and I wasn’t able to sleep in the bed.  Night number 2 in the recliner.  This time sleep didn’t happen at all. Again, I tried two muscle relaxers but that didn’t help.  Most of the night I spent watching YouTube and counting sheep.

Today was about the same as yesterday except a little more tense this evening.  Wonder why?  I told a few what was going on and I’m still to mad.  Anyways, getting close to bed time am I going to have the same issue I have had the last two nights?  I really need sleep the worst way possible, so it would be nice if tonight it would come peacefully. Anyways, a short entry tonight.  To much on my mind to put into words. Hopefully that wont cause another restless night.

Until tomorrow……….



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