Day 54 – Dear Diary

Dear diary,

Getting a little better today.  I did not do much at all since my energy level has been sucked out of me recently.I hate feeling this way and not being my “normal” self.  Even though that there has never been a “normal” me.

Yesterday my heating pad broke and you would have thought it was the end of the world.  I get so use to items helping me that heating pad when it’s gone, I actually freaked out.  Crazy.  Is it the item that I freak me out or is it the routine of using the item?

What else do I use everyday or every other day to help with chronic pain?  Is there a certain medication that helps? OR a certain movement or exercise to help?

There are a few items that I use besides the trusty ol’ pad.  And by the way, the husband went out for me and got me the top of line heating paid  with all the bells and whistles to help with my back. Other things that I use, recently got a good pair of walking shoes.  Don’t use them everyday, like I would have wanted to but hopefully after this cold is over with I will.

A hot bath is one of my favorites, not so much in the summer as it is in the winter.  And with the hot baths is bath bombs and bubble bars that I love to soak in.  They are from a company in London but some malls have them.  The name of the company is Lush and can be found here,  Once you try them, you are surely addicted to them and I have even gotten my kids loving them an and wanting baths.

Another item I use daily to help me get through each day is my notebook/laptop.  It’s not used to take away the pain, but it helps take my mind off the pain, and sometimes that so much more what I need.  I use my laptop for taking my mind off the pain and sometimes that’s all it takes.  I use it for research for my blog, writing my blog, watching YouTube videos for entertainment, for keeping my journal , and a few other things.

There are more other things that I can use to help me with chronic pain. What other things are can be used to help with chronic pain, chronic illness, or anything chronic?  Leave a message below as to what other things that can be used.

Until tomorrow……………………..

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