Day 5 – Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Day 5 already!  Where has the time gone?

Today was a pretty good day for me, considering what yesterday was like.  I got up pretty early today, at least early for me.  I had to take my husband to work, drive back and get my daughter to school.  This day was a lot of running around and then helping my friend out with her house.  So I am glad that yesterday I did get a lot of rest.  Im pretty beat today but its a good tired.  Not that tired that no matter what you do you are still tired.  I feel like I accomplished things today and that makes it a good day.  The hardest part of today was the out of norm day, or day without a schedule kind of day,  Its ok not to live by a schedule but I seem to do better when I do follow a schedule and I end up getting more done.

My emotions today have been pretty good today, even though I didn’t think I was in the greatest mood.  My back really started to hurt a lot this afternoon and I have had to sit on the heating pad all night.  I do that a lot now.  At first I felt so guilty for not being with the family all the time and not being available for the kids all the time but I had to decide if it was more important to take care of my pain or being in pain all the time but be there for the kids.  I realized that the more I take care of myself, the better I am for the kids and then every one is happy.  Its amazing how much better life can  be when you take care of yourself and then you are there for everyone else. So sitting on the heating pad tonight isn’t too bad for everyone.

Tomorrow will be another busy day so off to bed I go.

Until tomorrow………..

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