Day 35 – Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Some good news today!  I so needed this! I got home and in the mail was my acceptance letter that the US Pain Foundation picked me to be one of their ambassadors to help others with pain!  Other words I’m a volunteer to run pain meetings. meet with pain patients in the hospital and after.   Finally another reason to get out of bed in the morning!  I can’t tell you how excited I am right now.

Mom is home and resting. Nothing new but more of the same.  I guess that has to be enough right now.  Maybe more answers and more appointments later. She is happy to be home and I’m sure more exhausted than anything.

I got to go out today and spend time at “The Fun House” for a few hours tonight.  The Fun House is what my kids call me besties house because Auntie B and Uncle M is a blast! It was nice to focus on other things that weren’t all depressing.  B knows how to make me laugh and help me forget for a little while what life’s really like.  So, thank you B!  I love you!

I was thinking on my way home tonight if it’s more beneficial to work that people rely on you or is better to not work without nots relying on you. I can go either way.  Having a job where people rely on you is good and bad and so  is not having people relying on you. Maybe this should be our first poll for Pain, Love, Hope!  Think about it and  comment below with which for people who suffer with anything chronic should find useful!

Until tomorrow…………………..



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