Day 29 – Dear Diary

Dear diary,

Today I’ve been thinking a lot about this article that I read this morning and what this gentleman went through, sounds a lot like what I’ve gone through too. And makes me wonder how many other people suffering from chronic pain has gone through this too. The article is in The National Pain  Report site/newsletter.

The article is written by Kerry Smith who has lived with chronic pain for 14 years.  Being similar to my pain, he has pain in his lower back too. Mr Smith states that he sees in the near future, him living with a wheelchair because nothing has helped him.  Mr Smith then did something not many of us with chronic pain, would think about doing, he is tapering down on his pain medications.  Most people living with that amount of pain, want to increase their daily amount.not lower it.

What is the reason for wanting to lower the amount that he is taking? It’s not to go through the fun withdrawals people get from being on pain medications for so long. No, it’s actually because he had a doctor finally listen to him and the pain he felt.  Mr. Smith’s pain management doctor spoke to his general practitioner and they both agreed to put Mr. Smith through some test.  When the results came back, that was when Mr Smith’s life changed.  According to GP, his test levels were all within the “margins” of the test.  That was it, end of story.  Well, not really.  Mr Smith went to his pain management doctor who got the test results to and it was a totally different story.

Yes, the test results were within the margins, but it was at the end of the margins that it was unacceptable.  Long story short, due to the pain management doctor taking the time to look into Mr Smith’s levels, he would never had seen that his body was lacking a lot of B12, Iron, and Vitamin D. The pain management doctor put Mr. Smith on  a new treatment so that he no longer needs to take the pain medications like he was before.  The  new treatment was helping him so much that needing a wheelchair wasn’t in his near future.

This is a great example of doctors not being able to or not wanting to, take the time to listen to the patients and getting a complete picture.  This isn’t just with people living with chronic pain.  Everyone deserves to have that doctor that takes the time to really listen to us and then figuring out what will work.  Next time you go to the doctor and you feel you aren’t being listened to, get a second opinion.  Or if the doctor is just throwing medications at you, research it.  Do you think this is the best routine for your body?  If not, get a second, third or even fourth opinion.

This is your health that these doctors could be messing with.  I’m not saying every one that is a doctor is wrong, just be a good advocate for your health.  Talk to your doctor till he/she hears you.  Ask questions.  Ask even more questions.  Until you feel that you are getting the amount of care you deserve, don’t give up.  You only get one chance at this life, so fight for it!

Until tomorrow………………….


UPDATE:  here is the link to that article!

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