Day 24 – Dear Diary

Dear diary,

I was trying to think of a good way to explain to my friends and family exactly what is feels like to live with chronic pain every day.  I came across something called a “spoon theory”. It’s a creative way to explain to others how I feel every day.

What is the “spoon theory”?  This way of explaining how on deals with the chronic illness Dysautonomia, which is best described as the autonomic nervous system has a breakdown.  For example, your ANS (autonomic nervous system) regulates many things that go on “naturally” for most people like blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and perspiration. Many that live with this illness have limited amount of energy and this “spoon theory” was invented by Christin Miserando,  to help them tell others how many spoon kind of day they are having.

Imagine that you have 12 spoons for one day.  That sounds like a lot but once you start breaking it all down, that’s hardly enough to get through a day. The instructions say that if you didn’t sleep well at night, automatically take away 1 spoon.  If you have a cold, take away 4 spoon. Now you are already starting the day down spoons. I have included the diagram that Ms Miserando uses for examples, listed below.

Let’s say I use the “spoon theory” for my day today.  I have already used up my 12 spoons and it’s only 8pm.  Here is a list of what I did today: got out of bed, got dressed, take medications, and watched some tv.  That is 4 spoons already.  Then I surfed the internet there is another 2 spoons.  And last I fixed 2 meals, 6 more spoons. All that gives me a total of 12 spoons and I can’t add in the lack of sleep last night.  So I would have to say that I’m out of spoons and need to not do anything the rest of the evening.

Once you break what it is like living with anything chronic, then maybe others can sympathize and understand better what our days are like. If you want to read more about the “spoon theory”, check out Ms Miserando’s website.

Since I’m out of spoons, I’m out of here!

Until tomorrow…………

Spoon therory


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