Day 23 – Dear Diary

Dear diary,

Today is Memorial day and it always has made me stop and think about all the love ones people have lost in war.  I have a few men in my life that had been in the military.  My uncle was a fighter co-pilot in the Navy, my older brother served in the Navy, and my husband was in the Army.

Memorial day is when a lot of friends and family spend time together, BBQing and having fun.  It’s very easy to forget what Memorial Day stands for and not just a day to have off work.  I’ve never understood why we have these holidays when we should have every day as Memorial Day.  It should be if you lose your life for serving this country and making it that the rest of us live with freedom, then we should be thanking the men and women every single day of our life.

So tonight, all I want to say to Tom, Jon, and Eric and the rest of those who have served, are serving, or going to serve……THANK YOU.  And to those whose lost their lives for this country……THANK YOU.

I hope all have a great day, and please take a moment to say your thanks.

Until tomorrow……………..

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