Day 11- Dear Diary

Dear diary

Day 11 already!  I can’t believe how fast time is flying!  And a beautiful day in Colorado does a world of good for my emotions!  Actually got out and took a walk with my husband!  Felt so good!

I receive  daily email from the National Pain Report and every day there is great information for someone with chronic pain.  Find the website here:

Today’s post was from Ed Coghlan and titled “Lets talk about chronic pain”.  One sentence from this post stopped me in my tracks and jaw to the floor! Here is that sentence:  “There are an estimated 100 million persons who suffer from chronic pain, a number that many believe is conservative.”  100 million people suffer from chronic and we still live in a society that it’s not ok to talk about this. In Colorado, there is only 5.356 million!  Its two Colorado put together would make up that number of chronic pain suffers.  That is an amazing number and a number that saddens me greatly.

In the state of technology and advancement in science, we still have so many people suffering.  Many still suffer in silence.  Many suffer alone. 100 MILLION suffer daily from chronic pain.  We need to lower that number.  We need to support those going through this.  We as a nation of Americans need to figure this out and start looking for solutions not band-aids. Solutions that the government doesn’t get their nose into this and start controlling doctors who are truly trying to help those that are suffering.  In February, the government came out with a ‘point system’ that they think will help those who are in real pain and those who are addicts.  This point system has a lot of doctors hands tied and soon sufferers will not be able to get their medications. How is that suppose to help chronic sufferers?  How is that going to help that number of 100 million suffering?  What is will do is turn honest hard-working Americans into those who buy meds on the street.  Is that helping those with chronic pain?  No, it takes that million and puts them into a whole other category of Americans who will need rehab.  I know what that is like.  I know what its like to what anything in this world to have that pain gone.  I self-medicated until l found that one doctor that wanted nothing more than see me succeed and not depend on pain meds any more. Its been 3 years since my last abuse of pain meds and I can tell you what a rough road it still is, but now I look forward to waking most mornings! It’s all been worth it and I will do anything not to have another person have to suffer because doctors can’t help, government over helps, and that person feels lost.

Until tomorrow……………..


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