Day 10 – Dear Diary

Dear diary

Another yucky day of weather but pain level wasn’t to bad.  I got out of the house today and able to see my friend, whose name isn’t Beth!

Anyways, I want to come up with a way to start tracking my pain level days.  I was thinking that I might think I’m having a lot of bad or even a lot of good days but without tracking it, I might not know for sure. I was trying to figure out how to go about that.  I guess just a plain ol’ piece of paper would work but where is the fun in that. I carry a planner with me, just about everywhere I go.  I use it to track appointments and things that I need to do.  It would be nice to do a planner for pain and how my day is going.  Right now I have two planners that I used constantly, one is a personal size that I use on the go and the other is almost a A5 size and that stays at home. I use the one at home for almost a diary or journal of my day and things going on  in my family.  So how can I intermingle “to do’s” with pain levels.

My stay at home planner is from a great company called Erin Condren. Check out the website here  I even have a great coupon code for money off your first purchase. Contact me and I’ll send it to you!

I purchased the planners for two years now and its great going back and looking at what happened on what day and keeping thing like letters, art work, and things my kids made me in this planner. All the doctors appointments, family time, laundry day, days I need to refill prescriptions, everything is in this planner. I even take the time to decorate my planner because it’s a great creative outlet for me. I feel that if I can’t be creative, then my mind becomes so busy I end up shutting down. I find that writing things down like a journal or diary can help take the anxiety out of “mind talking” and make life a little better.

I just watched this video about a blogger who feels that paper planners are making a comeback. I think that the chronic pain community can use a paper planner to help organize and keep track of just about anything. Maybe I need to contact Erin Condren and see if her company can help out the people out there with chronic pain.  I would buy one! Here’s that link:

I’m going to start a new planner to keep track of my emotions and my pain level for a month.  I think it will help me see exactly how my emotions affects my pain level and how my pain level affects my emotions. Maybe I will be able to start to see a pattern that I might be able to control a little. Any one else want to join me?

There are many other tools out there that might make life a little simpler.  Why not try them out?

Until tomorrow……..

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