Day 1- Dear Diary

Today was an overall good day.   It is Mother’s Day and my kids and husband made sure that I enjoyed my day.  They all took care of me and we all went out for dinner tonight.  I love family time and being with the 3 of them.

Last night I slept ok, not great but ok.  I got about 5 1/2 hours of sleep but it felt like I slept for an hour.  All morning,  when I was sitting in my chair and my eyes would just close and I would drift off to sleep just like that.  I suppose I should have laid down for a nap but I didn’t want to make sleeping tonight hard.  Hopefully this works and doesn’t back fire on me!

Pain level today was a little higher than normal these past two days. Ever since yesterday, my back hurt only after 5 minutes of standing.  It feels like my back is going to snap and pop back into place, but it doesn’t.  It just hurts.  I would say my pain level is at a 5 today which seems a little high, but with all things considering, I will take a 5 any day!

My emotions today were a little unstable and I didn’t know if i felt like crying or rolling on the floor laughing.  Such a wide degrees difference. Im sure it didn’t help that I didn’t take my morning pills for depression till this afternoon.  I must get better at taking my pills first thing in the morning and then I’m hoping to get my depression under control.

That’s about all today,  Tomorrow I’m hoping to get in a short walk or any kind of exercise.  I need to try to move more during the day and that to should help my depression and lack of sleeping too.

So until tomorrow…………….


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