Beauty is in the eye of…….

One of my favorite person in my life has always been my mom’s mom, Grandma Alice.  I have always grown up watching her put on her make-up, making sure that no matter how horrible she felt or how much pain she was in, she always had her “face on”.

When I was in 6th grade, we moved to California and for about 18 months, lived with my grandparents.  I look back at the time now and realized that if I would have kept notes on my grandma, I could have used them for reference for my life now.  Little did I know I was going to get just about all my ailments from my grandma.  I had to have my gallbladder out, she had her gallbladder out.  I have had back issues for awhile now, she had suffered from back problems.  I have chronic pancreatitis, she had chronic pancreatitis (not due to alcohol intake. Neither grandma or myself drank).  I can keep going but I think you get the picture. Basically, whatever grandma dealt with, I either got it in one form or another. So back to what I was saying about grandma and putting her “face on”.

I remember this one Saturday morning, grandma look like she didn’t feel well at all.  I asked her why even feeling like she did, was she going through all the trouble of putting her “face on” and her response was “Lisa, even though it’s not the best day for me, I want to make the outside look good, even in pain”.  This has stuck with me over the years and I think grandma had the right idea. I might not have taken notes from grandma over all those years she was still with us, but this was an important advice that she gave me.

Grandma always looked put together and I’m not saying this is what we all need to do when you are dealing with chronic pain.  What I am saying is this, when you take the time to take a shower or put on your face, or whatever else makes you feel better,  than do it.  Who cares if you are sitting at home all day on a Saturday afternoon and your eyebrows on fleek.  Who cares that no one except the mailman is going to see you with the perfect winged eyeliner. All that matters is you are taking care of yourself, inside and out.  And what works for you might not work for someone else who suffers from chronic pain. The only thing that is important is you are doing what you need to be done and whatever that “done” is, makes you feel human again, alive again, and not scared, depressed, lonely, sad, and so one.  Basically, I am saying “fake it till you make it” and no one else will know any different.

Leave me a comment below about one small thing that you can do daily to make you feel more human.  FullSizeRender

Grandma Alice


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