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Welcome to my blog!

My name is Lisa and I can’t wait to help people and let others who deal with daily chronic or acute pain to find reasons to get out of bed each morning, afternoon, or even night time!

There are so many of us that hide and allow depression, anxiety, and whatever else you have to deal take over your life. Life, I have found out is way too short to allow pain to take over life. Let me give you my bio and I bet you will see that I am more than qualified to give a little bit of advice. I want to share my days with pain, and what I do to stop that ugly little guy called depression from taking over my life. There are many things that I do that help me from staying in bed all day. Head down this exciting new road of an adventure with me and my hope is that if I help just one person, and one person may help me!

So you are probably asking what exactly qualifies me to talk about chronic pain and things that help get through it. Here is my last 20 years of pain. It all started with chronic Pancreatitis when I was 24 years old. Most people immediately ask me “how long had I been drinking”; and the funny part, I barely drank any alcohol, ever. I got this wonderful disease from my grandmother. Not her fault but it is inherited. I never knew pain like that pain I had every day for 2 years. I had this amazing GI doctor that tried everything for me and finally had to take my records to a board of experts and it was unanimous to remove my gallbladder and that should “cure” me. I had my gallbladder removed May of 1998, I was 26 years old. For a year I was feeling amazing. No pain, no vomiting blood, no having to spend days in the hospital on hard core pain meds. Then it hit me, I remember that night like it was yesterday. It was exactly one month till I was supposed to go to England and Paris for 3 weeks. That night the pain was back 100% worse than it had ever been. *****For you that have a hard time with gross things, skip the next few lines***** and the diarrhea was so bad. I would go to the bathroom, and the amount of blood was more than the stool. And then afterwards, I would feel more pain and the urgent feeling of having to go again and nothing would come out. I would do this more than 30 times in an 8 hour period. Immediately the next morning, my husband was on the phone with my GI doctor and they rushed me to the hospital. You are probably asking why did he wait till the morning, well, I didn’t wake him, Many a night I had insomnia and slept on the couch so he didn’t think anything was wrong. Until he saw me that morning and he said I looked like I was dead already.

Fast forward to the hospital, checking in at the admission and the ER doctor was called up to admissions because they didn’t think I was going to make it through all the questions. After the doctor got me down to the ER, and attached to every tube that I could think of, they started running the entire test that they could possibly do. Hours later, it was determined that I had ulcers in my colon that was bleed and bursting. Ulcerative colitis was thrown around a lot. And after a colonoscopy, I was officially diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis

Think that is the end of my chronic pain, nope not so lucky. I have been living with UC now for 17 years and can control it for the most part with my diet. So I can know what will start it and flare it up. But like I said, this isn’t the only pain I deal with.

Fast forward to 2007 and I just had my second child. Pregnancy was pretty normal except for back pain. I went to a chiropractor and had my first and only adjustment. After I gave birth, I had extreme back pain. I had a hysterectomy that helped a little. But it was when I saw a spinal doctor that my life changed forever……… My first back surgery was in 2008 and I had an artificial disc placed in my lower back. Forward to 2010 and my first fusion was done on the same disc area. Forward another 2 years and my 2nd fusion was done on the lower discs from L5 to S1. I am now fused from L4 to S1. And now, staring down another fusion of L3-L4. Some days I can get out of bed some days, the thought of walking is so unbearable that all I want to do is cry. Some days walking with a cane can help. But I constantly sit on a heating pad with my feet up and with an abundance amount of meds in my system. Oh, and I forgot to tell you that when they did my first fusion, they had to do a bone graph and took marrow from my right hip.

After that surgery, I went in for my 2 week checkup and on the x-ray; my hip was fractured all the way through. So I was dealing with a fusion and broken hip all at once. Then a month after that surgery, the incision got infected because I was put back together incorrectly. I had to be reopened, cleaned out, and then put back together.

Has it been rough? More than I care to think about it some days. Do I get depressed? All the time! But have I been through enough to know how to fight this? I think so and would love to help you and others get through this. If you have made it this fair, then you are looking for someone to be there for you. Someone to let you know you are not alone.

Let’s start this journey together! Let me show what I use to get me through each day. This ranges from beauty to Youtubers, to planners to help keep track of pain to see patterns, to crafts, to job to work from home and most of all, how to communicate with your family member as to what you are going through. Life isn’t over because you live with chronic pain; it’s just starting a different path than you expected to happen! Let’s look at life in a different way and enjoy it again!

Thanks for reading and checking out my blog! Hope to have you return and follow me!

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