EnviroKlenz Review and Sponsor Post

I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.


I hate doing laundry.  Really, really hate doing laundry.  I do everything in my power not to have to do it but when I have to, I  make sure that my clothes or whatever come out clean and smelling great. But that isn’t the only thing that I  need to worry about.  You see, I have Eczema and have to be careful with my skin.

I can use the most expensive products.  Have it wash my clothes or whatever and have them still bother my skin or the smell on the item is intense.  I haven’t found many products that have been able to help with that. Until I tried a new product by EnviroKlenz.  It’s called EnviroKlenz Laundry Enhancer  Liquid,

EnviroKlenz Laundry Enhance Liquid

We have to spend money on clothes no matter what.  We need to take care of the clothes that we wear on a daily basis. Making sure that they are clean and smell great. Not only for ourselves but for those around us. Strong smelling or unclean clothes can push others away.  We should use produces that will take care of the clothes and our noses and skin.

According to the websites, they claim the following:

“EnviroKlenz Laundry is a safe and effective laundry enhancer that removes stubborn laundry odors such as musty & mildew smells, fragrances from detergents & fabric softeners, perfumes smell and scents, thrift store odors left on clothing by the previous owner.EnviroKlenz Laundry Enhancer works along with your normal detergent to enhance its ability to remove those tough odors that would normally be impossible to remove and best of all EnviroKlenz laundry Enhancer contains no masking agents or fragrances providing you with clean and odor results.”

Trying the Product

I have tried this product a number of times and can say for sure that not only did my clothes come out clean, they also smelled great.  I decided to do an experiment with this product and took a t-shirt, sprayed a ton of perfume all over it and washed it with my normal detergent and the laundry enhancer.  The t-shirt came out smelling great and clean.  There was no noticeable smell of the perfume.  The only smell on the item was the laundry detergent that I used.

This product should not be used with bleach or vinegar according to the package.  It is also great for cleaning a washing machine, especially front loading machines that tend to get a smell to them.  This can be used on the following garments:

  1. Cotton
  2. Personal delicate
  3. Nylon
  4. Polyester
  5. Spandex
  6.  Lace – Washable
  7.  Rayon –  Washable
  8.  Wool – Washable
  9. And all other washable fabrics

Would I Recommend This?

I would recommend this product to those with allergies and sensitive skin.  I believe that this product does what it claims that it does.    This product removes the order from all clothes that are washable and is a great product for the skin. I have not had any new eczema show up and a few of my spots have actually cleared up.  If you are looking for something to help with the order with your clothes, then this product is perfect for you.

Prices are very reasonable too.  For 15 loads, the price of a small bottle is $14.99 and for 30 loads it is $24.99. EnviroKlenz Laundry Enhancer can be found here along with the other products that this company sells. I believe that this product does what it says and removes all smells from garments.  If you need to have your clothes with no smell or just the smell of your detergent, then this product is for you.  Even though I hate doing laundry, I enjoy the way my clothes smell now and my skin is thanking me for removing any and all smells that can affect my eczema.

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